Kris Kristofferson

From Here to Forever


Cool shadows fall through the moonlight


Soft as the breeze through your hair


And the smile on your face while you're




Is the answer to anyone's prayer


Fill your heart for the morning tomorrow


'Cause you've still got a long way to grow


And the love that you're dreaming will guide




And live like a song in your soul



      And darling if we're not together


      There's one thing I want you to know


      I'll love you from here to forever


      And be there wherever you go


There are so many feelings to follow


So many chances to take


So many was you can stumble


Someday your heart's gonna break


Darlin' take all the time that you're given


Be all you know you can be


And if you need a reason for living


Do it for love and for me


***Repeat Chorus

Lyrics & Music by Kris Kristofferson, T. Stephen Bruton, Billy Swan, Glen Clark Jody Ray Publishing, Inc. (BMI) All rights reserved.


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