Kris Kristofferson

Good Love (Shouldn't Feel So Bad)


Damn the way you always bring me down

Can't you say a single thing that's true

I'm sorry baby

You can take a perfect day and turn it right around

I'm afraid there ain't no way to please you


It's okay, 'cause it don't matter now

Go your way and I'll go my way too

I'm sorry darling

Find some new somebody

Who you'd rather be around

Leaving may be just the way to please you



         Darling, good love shouldn't feel so bad

         This fighting might feel righteous

         But it's wrong

         We just make each other mad and lonesome

         So tell me why the hell

         We tried so long


One more line, and I'll be down the road

Do me one more dirty, girl, I'm gone

Ain't it you who used to say "Life's too short to live this way"

Baby, I believe that life's too long


**Repeat Chorus


Damn the way you always bring me down

Words & Music by Kris Kristofferson c. Jody Ray Publishing, Inc. (BMI) All Rights Reserved


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