Kris Kristofferson

Hall of Angels


We stayed at the bar room 'til closing

I held down a place at his side

and drank to the memory that killed him

A lady who loved him and died

And purely could not find a reason

To get it back up and go on

Then out of the dark came a stranger

who turned us around with a song


He said I know the pain that you're feeling

You see I had a sweet little girl

And I loved her more than her mother

Or anything else in the world


Sure as I loved her, I lost her

Sure as I wanted to die

Then I had a dream or a vision

Of wonder that opened my eyes


I dreamed of a young band of angels

That shone like the stars from above

Because each held a bright burning candle

Except for the angel I loved


And I asked why their candles were burning

Oh and why that hers wasn't the same

She said, oh Daddy each time that I try to light it

Your tears just keep the drowning the flame


We stared at the stranger in silence

His spirit was truly alive

For if life had made his eyes glisten

The diamond was bright in his eye


And every one who ever loved him

Though fortune had torn them apart

Will live in the Hall of the Angels

As long the love in his heart

They'll live in the Hall of the Angels

As long as the love in your heart

Lyrics & Music by Kris Kristofferson (Dedicated to Eddie Rabbit's Lost Child) Jody Ray Publishing, Inc. (BMI) All rights reserved.


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