Kris Kristofferson

Road to Nowhere



         I’m following an arrow on a road that points to nowhere

         Don’t know where I’m going

         And I won’t know ‘til I get there

         But I know there must be something

         That can satisfy me somewhere


I’ve grown kinda tired of the streets of this town

The nights are as cold as the snow on the ground

But they ain’t half as cold as the people I’ve found


I know that I may never know where I belong

And some say that I’d sell my soul for a song

That ain’t really right

But it ain’t far from wrong


**Repeat Chorus


I’m looking for a place where the sun’s gonna shine

Where I won’t be needing the warmth of the wine

Then maybe at last I can find peace of mind


***Repeat Chorus

Words & Music by Kris Kristofferson & Marijohn Wilkin c. Jody Ray Publishing, Inc (BMI) and Buckhorn Music Publishers


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