Kris Kristofferson

Sam's Song (Ask Any Working Girl)


I have been with the best that the bastards could muster

From Danny the Dildo to Sydney the Snake

And I feel like a working girl pausing to wonder

Just how much screwin' the spirit can take



         I said, "Willie old buddy, please tell me again

         The reason to keep going on"   

         He said, "There's no harder words to say over a friend

         Than they done you so righteously wrong   

         That stopped you from singing your song"


He was our hero , boys, he took the bullet

But he went down swingin' his fist from the floor

You can ask any working girl south of the border

Sam Peckinpaugh era un hombre for sure


***Repeat Chorus

Words & Music by Kris Kristofferson c. Jody Ray Publishing, Inc. (BMI) All Rights Reserved


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