Kris Kristofferson

Zona Rosa


Running for the border

Spinning to the light

Frozen night of wonder

And a holy terror inside


I believe in law and order

And doing what is right

But all the rules are broken now

And fair is fair tonight

I want my freedom



Baby hold on tighter than you’ve ever done before

Maybe we’ll be strong enough to matter anymore

No guarantees, at the Zona Rosa

You gotta leave the past behind

You’ve gotta dream of starting over

But you’ve gotta get across the borderline


Someone had their reasons

Someone had it rough

Someone took a beatin’ down

And hit the highway


I can feel the new horizon

Blowing up my brain

Waking up alone and naked

Running in the rain

Across the river



Words & music by Kris Kristofferson & Danny Timms c. Jody Ray Publishing, Inc. (BMI) All rights reserved.


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