Kris Kristofferson

Kris Joins Television Series, Troubadour, TX

Legendary singer, songwriter and actor Kris Kristofferson will join television series, Troubadour, TX for it’s third season, which begins airing in late September.

Kristofferson will appear weekly as a segment host for the award-winning, 22 episode series. He will share personal stories of his life as a singer/songwriter, the influence of Texas music and artists and offer his unique perspective into the challenging journey of artists.  He will also star in a one-hour music special, presented by Troubadour, TX.

The one-hour music special, “Troubadour, TX presents an evening with Kris Kristofferson,” will air this fall nationwide on networks carrying the Troubadour, TX series.

"Having Kris Kristofferson as a part of the series and featured in a one-hour music special is an incredible honor,” said Carl Kornmeyer, COO of LBK Entertainment and executive producer of the show. “He is a musical poet, a legend and a true Troubadour."


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